July 2011 – Dedication of the new campus

In July 2011, Board member Tony Zecca spent 4 days in Ethiopia at which time he visited with Sister Senkenesh and the staff, attended the kindergarten graduation, met with participants in the IGA program (income generation activity for caregivers), met with 8 of the University students who just completed their first year, visited the homes of some of the children and finally, and presided with Sister on a fabulous dedication ceremony for the new Early Childhood Center campus. It was a busy 4 days!

Tony told the Board “how amazed I was at how much improvement there has been since my last visit in 2008 and how wonderful it was to see how much the financial support of our donors has made a difference”. However, there is so much more to do. The number of children being served now has doubled to almost 1,000 and that has put strains on infrastructure and on operating costs. On behalf of the M.O.R.E. Board, Tony told Sister that we will continue to work with our present donors and work to expand our donor base so that the financial support the program needs will continue to be provided by M.O.R.E.


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