OVC History

The Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program was created in 1998 in an attempt ovc_kids
to meet the needs of the growing crisis of children that have lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as other diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy. The OVC care program, strives to support children who are at risk, enabling them to grow, being good citizens, by nurturing them with basic needs and quality education. At the program’s inception, when 2 orphans were dropped off at the MSC by their dying Aunt, the vision of the founders was to offer care for the children in a home-based/community based environment and not in an institutional setting. Today, we are proud to be fully supporting over 600 individuals, but the orphan crisis continues to worsen, so we ask for help to accomplish MORE.

sister The Medhen Social Center (MSC) was established in 1988 by Sister Senkenesh Gabremariam  in a community on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The MSC Center is located in the  heart of three Kebeles (sub-cities) which have a population of approximately 133,000. The area  is characterized by poverty and destitution, and contains the largest population of people  affected by leprosy living in Ethiopia.  In recent years, a huge number of people affected by  HIV/AIDS have found their way to the district.  The Medhen Social Center (MSC) strives to  contribute in reducing health related stigma and discrimination, with its attendant poverty and  vulnerability, among people affected by leprosy and HIV/AIDS, by supporting them to regain  their inherent dignity, and actualize their latent potentials through integrated community rehabilitation and development programs. The vision of MSC is “to create a culture of the heart and the civilization of love”.


2 thoughts on “OVC History

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  2. Thank You!!!!
    You Gave Me Shelter, Food And Education To Be Better And Responsible Person
    I want say ‘Thank You’
    Tulsa Oklahoma

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