President’s Message

maureenDear Friends of M.O.R.E.,

I’d like to share with you a wonderful development that occurred during 2010.

Through a grant from one of our most generous supporters, J.H. Cohn, LLP, Sister Senkenesh, the wonderfully caring and charismatic director of the OVC program, was able to fulfill a lifetime dream. A group of buildings was acquired and became the Early Childhood Educational Center. For the first time, the preschool age children are able to learn in a clean, motivating environment with instructional materials, books and “real” school supplies. The children are taught, provided with a healthy meal, and also for the first time, they are receiving basic, medical examinations. Things we take for granted but for these children, they are a dream come true!

I’d also like to say a very special thank you to Jim Miller, M.O.R.E.’s founder and former president and our catalyst to becoming aware of these children. He has always been and remains an active member of M.O.R.E’s board and the heart of M.O.R.E.

All of us on the board of M.O.R.E. are volunteers. We are happy to devote our time, energy and most of all, our hearts to these very special children. All of the services that M.O.R.E. provides are possible because of each one of you – our very generous supporters! We cannot stress enough how every donation, no matter how small, makes a great impact on the lives of these children. In a very short time, we have witnessed many positive and long-lasting improvements in the everyday lives of these children.

Finally, it is an honor and a privilege to be named the President of M.O.R.E. It is also a somewhat uncomfortable title for me as I know that everything we do to help these children is a group effort. All of us involved in M.O.R.E. bring our own strengths, abilities, talents and most of all, our very personal love for the children of M.O.R.E. together to create our humble yet productive organization.

Thanks for taking the time to read this note and, as always, thank you very much for your continued support of the children of M.O.R.E.

Maureen Strenk


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